Required Training: Apprentice Fisher

A person who wishes to work as a fisher and would like to acquire a fishing licence must hold a Professional Fishing Diploma requiring: 1 605 hours.

In order to have an equivalent qualification, one must be at least 24 years of age, be an assistant fisher and include with her/his application a written confirmation or a cumulative report from a competent school authority, confirming that she/he has successfully completed a training course of at least 630 hours as follow:


Marine Emergency Duties
60 h


Net Mending
120 h


Rigging of Fixed & Mobile Gear
165 h


Introduction to the Trade: Assistant Fisher
90 h


Fishing trip Preparation
30 h


Marine Organism Habitats & Lifestyles
30 h


Rules of the Road
75 h
  Means of Communication
30 h


Product Handling & Preservation
30 h
Total :
630 h