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Registering for the first time

Step One:

Fill out the Declaration of Consent. By signing the Declaration, you authorize the BAPAP to exchange information with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans in regards to your file. This information will only be used for professionalization program application purposes.

You may obtain a copy of the Declaration of Consent form by clicking on the following link:
or by calling toll-free: 1-888-385-4004.

Please mail the filled out Declaration of Consent to:
Bureau d'accréditation des pêcheurs et des aides-pêcheurs du Québec
167, la Grande Allée Est
Grande-Rivière (Québec) G0C 1V0

or by fax : (418) 385-4050

Step two:

Once the BAPAP has received your signed Declaration of Consent, it will send it to DFO for verification.

At the same time, the BAPAP will send you a Certificate application form. This form is an official application to have a certificate and booklet. It is very important that you answer all questions appropriately. The information will be used to determine the category of the certificate that you will be issued. You will be asked for a color passport-size photography.

An invoice will be attached to the Certificate application form for a registration fee of $ 50.00.

Updating the Booklet
To know what items are necessary or missing in your file, please communicate with theBAPAP.

Contact us at: